He rose and made death a fool

“It is finished.” Jesus Christ had established while on that cross, you cannot get to the Father without Him. Satan and the power of sin can’t overrule the world any longer as Jesus died for our sins, and the end was written. We’ve been saved, at last. Our sins, shame, and wrongdoings had been cleaned.


We portray ourselves to others in the world will be based upon the reflection of our true selves. Good will come from good. Hate will come from hate. There is no two-way street, rather a narrow road to Heaven and a broad road to hell. One way to Heaven and multiple ways to hell. You

Standing strong in the Lord against the world

I am going to start off the year right with this tab bit longer writing. Please enjoy! It’s a new year, but that may not change the projection. You may be afraid, hurt, confused, pained, sad, or even struck with the notion there is no hope, even with what happened recently. I want to say

For it is time

Christmas and its meaning don’t only entail presents, a tree, family, togetherness. It signifies the birth of the Lord. With all these things—a Christmas tree, gifts, friends, family, togetherness, love now means something. Without having the Messiah in mind on Christmas and its traditions, it has no real meaning. Christ is Christmas, and our hope


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