“Consider letting God in on whatever it is, and see how rewarding it is to know that you didn’t need certain things you thought you wanted.” —Jake Stride

“Believers – you can either stay offended that you may not always matter on social media. Or you can open your eyes at the truth you’re blessed by having a God that cares, loves you so much, gave His only Son, and who provides for you. Don’t let things affect you.” —Jake Stride

“We all have power, but the power of good will always prevail out the power of evil and corruption.” —Jake Stride

“I don’t live in this world to give my opinion. I’m here to represent the WORD OF GOD.” —John MacArthur

“The will of God will not take us where the grace of God cannot sustain us.” —Billy Graham

“You may not get people, likewise, they may not get you. But all in all, you just have to respect, love, and go on about your day. Don’t let things affect you!” —Jake Stride

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