This is where I’ll display what I feel is being spoken to me. I intend for this to be motivational.

All writings originate from me unless otherwise stated. Sharing is acceptable with credit given.

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“Your passion for things dies only when you don’t feed it faith.” — Jake Stride

“The fortress of God doesn’t crumble. The Word of God doesn’t crumble. The weight of His glory; let alone His presence makes mountains crack, and the Earth shakes. He is a strong tower!” — Jake Stride

“It’s only when anything involves fast and easy most will flock to. But will be immediately deterred by the slow and hard work.” — Jake Stride

“There are not enough words to combine nor express the absolute thanks I have to God. Thank you is the most powerful and straightforward way of putting an abundance of things into two words.” — Jake Stride

“We will not fall, we will get scuffed up, but we will not fall as the victorious right hand of the LORD is below us.” — Jake Stride

“In worthless times, Jesus’ love will tear through what you’re feeling. And the best part of all is He’s right there going through it with you.” — Jake Stride

“There shouldn’t be one higher than the other, or one doing more of the work in a relationship. It should be two people together as one being a team that’s unified in Christ.” — Jake Stride

“It’s Jesus who we orbit around with His teachings to be like Him. Not Jesus is orbiting around us.” — Jake Stride

“Align yourself with Jesus and attune yourself to hearing His voice amid the loudness of the distortion of the world.” — Jake Stride

“No man has left God to follow their own path and can boldly say they found happiness, joy, and peace that was lasting.” — Jake Stride

“Your vision will not be accomplished or met by the likes of being comfortable. God doesn’t allow His children always to stay comfortable.” — Jake Stride

“The days of brokenness you had or are feeling cannot compare to the perfect love of Jesus, and with what He has melded to the better days we have ahead.” — Jake Stride

“You won’t know the vision God gave you if you are stuck in the world’s concept of a vision.” — Jake Stride

“Don’t choose something that will only be a temporary pleasure for the sake of your obedience.” — Jake Stride

“Whenever you feel like you aren’t enough or feel rejected, remember that you are God’s child, and when you pray and think about His beautiful things, the feeling you felt has security that you are His even at a human level of emotion.” — Jake Stride

“Enrich yourself in God’s Word. In which you will see God’s character and also your solution to your worries.” — Jake Stride

“Constant comparison implants decay to your uniqueness.” — Jake Stride

“There is nothing that can ever compare to the satisfaction of spending time and praising Jesus.” —Jake Stride

“Be concerned with following God more instead of the way of others.” — Jake Stride

“Always praise Him in the lows and in the highs. Never stop because of someone or something.” — Jake Stride

“I’ve been living my life more relentlessly for Jesus. In which, He relentlessly showed me there is much more to be excited for and keep praising for. No need to be discouraged. That it doesn’t matter who’s with me or not because He’s assured He is always.” — Jake Stride

“Being ashamed to live out loud a life in expression with Jesus is like telling God what He did should’ve been done privately.” — Jake Stride

“Be with someone who loves you because they see Jesus in the way you live in a faltering world.” — Jake Stride

“The ableness in passion for living and feeling more alive starts with living for Jesus daily.” — Jake Stride

“The bigger picture for serving starts with planting a seed that flourishes because of the small things that make an eternal impact.” — Jake Stride

“We honestly need people to get in our faces at low times and tell us we have a God who cares and loves us. It is either we continue to be a failure as we aren’t doing anything except staying down. Or we get up and rise as the warriors of Christ we are and say, “Yes, Lord!”” —Jake Stride

“We will be successful in life when we learn to get out of ourselves and listen to God’s instruction.” —Jake Stride

“We need to start trusting God more. And believe the plan wholeheartedly He has for us will not be void but fruitful in all the ways it can be made.” —Jake Stride

“You will begin to acknowledge the true beauty of Jesus and in life when the looks or feelings you are looking for have halted at the feet of our Savior.” —Jake Stride

“If all fails, nothing shall result below negative. As God’s will and plans shall prevail at the faith, you have in Him and the belief He will provide.” —Jake Stride

“We need to focus on the direction the Lord is leading us into. And hone the ability to be sensitive to His call. Not feel that settling in the direction we feel would be the best for a temporary position.” —Jake Stride

“The loudness will end when you enter the stillness in knowing He is our awesome God.” —Jake Stride

“The fool does what the fool thinks, and they flock to the blinded because they’re easy. But when accompanied with the truth, they play it off as a disorder. When you think about this, it sounds distinctively the same. Satan is the boss of those two games.” —Jake Stride

“You can lose friends, be hurt, have no one to talk to, but you can be rest assured even if you go through hell and the trenches that all come with it, God still wouldn’t leave your side. And that’s a God worthy of praise. Amen.” —Jake Stride

“Often when things are darkest, God makes himself known.” — Billy Graham

“God’s Word is so powerful that even speaking and hearing the Word can change what you think couldn’t be changed.” —Jake Stride

“Alone, trusting His Word and better judgment in our taxing times is the glimmer of hope we need to get out of whatever issue befell upon us.” —Jake Stride

“Just as a mustard seed’s size of faith is the start of many beautiful things to come in our progress towards holiness and full harvest.” —Jake Stride

“God gives out so much love and life, but people deflect it.” —Jake Stride

“You can’t have the attitude of sitting back and letting life take you through. Because of the way life takes many through, it will consume you too. Let God in on your life, and your ways of going through life will be fruitful.” —Jake Stride

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