This is where I’ll display the short writings I feel are being spoken to me, and I will try my best to update this section! I feel they will resonate with you, too. Especially after reading them a few times. —(all writings originate by me unless otherwise stated or noted).

“The loudness will end when you enter the stillness in knowing He is our awesome God.” —Jake Stride

“The fool does what the fool thinks, and they flock to the blinded because they’re easy. But when accompanied with the truth, they play it off as a disorder. When you think about this, it sounds distinctively the same. Satan is the boss of those two games.” —Jake Stride

“You can lose friends, be hurt, have no one to talk to, but you can be rest assured even if you go through hell and the trenches that all come with it, God still wouldn’t leave your side. And that’s a God worthy of praise. Amen.” —Jake Stride

“God’s Word is so powerful that even speaking and hearing the Word can change what you think couldn’t be changed.” —Jake Stride

“Alone, trusting His Word and better judgment in our taxing times is the glimmer of hope we need to get out of whatever issue befell upon us.” —Jake Stride

“Just as a mustard seed’s size of faith is the start of many beautiful things to come in our progress towards holiness and full harvest.” —Jake Stride

“Stomp on the enemy with the Word of God, and your worry and fear and timidity will be no more.” —Jake Stride

“God gives out so much love and life, but people deflect it.” —Jake Stride

“You can’t have the attitude of sitting back and letting life take you through. Because of the way life takes many through, it will consume you too. Let God in on your life, and your ways of going through life will be fruitful.” —Jake Stride