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Over the course of time, I’ve seen lots of people paint a different picture online than in person by saying this or that. There are cool people online but that’s only if they don’t change outside of online. There shouldn’t be much change from how you are IRL to online. (I know we aren’t perfect, but at least show some integrity). We have these “influencers” but don’t influence the positivity that got them there or

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It’s ok to struggle

It’s ok to struggle. We all do someway, and sometimes it’s plain difficult in one way. This can also include times of feeling more lonely if that’s the struggle one is in. Don’t forget that you’re valued, valid, and loved even if you feel you aren’t: you’re loved. You still mean something! It’s going to be all right and you’ll succeed through it. It is a season that will pass, if not now, or in

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Start doing beneficial things for you

Anymore it feels like when we want to do something in our life, we believe we can’t do it because we’re sacrificing our time for something, helping others with their goals, and then we claim there isn’t time for what “I” want to do with my life or goals. Those are excuses. It’s because you’re not letting yourself be a priority to yourself. Don’t get me wrong, that’s the best thing you can do is

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