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Over the course of time, I’ve seen lots of people paint a different picture online than in person by saying this or that. There are cool people online but that’s only if they don’t change outside of online. There shouldn’t be much change from how you are IRL to online. (I know we aren’t perfect, but at least show some integrity).

We have these “influencers” but don’t influence the positivity that got them there or to do the right things. Some preach about what serves them and will want others who look up to them to ignore others. Some get too involved and idol them, so they end up trying to change themselves for that person. Never change yourself because of someone else, ever! We are unique.

Social media is a great tool I myself, enjoy it, sometimes. Also, there’s more to it than racking up the likes/retweets, shares, etc. There is a mission we’ve been given that I think includes online too. If you remember Jesus is the church, and we are to be the ones carrying that out and be the church.

Moreover, some are missing the mission and the point when we share it on social media. We can have fun, be comical, be lively, and show our real character and self on social media. But one thing that’s important, if we evangelize God’s word, we must do it with intent, truth, and passion. Not for the expectation of getting something in return or to try to increase follower counts or likes. The value of using online gives us a chance to expand to ones who haven’t heard of Jesus, or if they had, it was likely a watered-down version; if they once knew of Him but don’t bother anymore. They may be able to give Him a chance because of the way we explained it. Sometimes all it takes is to hear the positivity and truth in something or give reassurance.

Ironically, some post scripture online because it has poetic value, it makes their page look good, gives them a “clean slate” for what they do online, or to seem like they’re “involved.” The word shouldn’t be romanticized for the wrong reasons, which, subtracts the core meaning.

I’ve seen others decide to live like Jesus when they’re on social media, but it’s a different game offline or vice versa. That’s not how it’s supposed to be! You live it in both functions of life, online or offline. It shouldn’t be focused on God and His Word on Sundays but not Mon-Sat, talk about it; not be about it, want His blessings and His peace, but curse at the wind to others. We need to care about sharing and living life loving others as we would love ourselves. We need to care about magnifying the true God from morning to night.

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc.

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