It’s ok to struggle

It’s ok to struggle. We all do someway, and sometimes it’s plain difficult in one way. This can also include times of feeling more lonely if that’s the struggle one is in. Don’t forget that you’re valued, valid, and loved even if you feel you aren’t: you’re loved. You still mean something! It’s going to be all right and you’ll succeed through it. It is a season that will pass, if not now, or in a few days, it will eventually with time. It’s ok to not be ok, you hear it talked about it here and there. In reality, it’s not reassured enough. I believe that talking is one thing, but being reassuring is a different approach. When others are struggling, all it takes is to reach out to someone who’s not vocally showing or expressing they’re struggling. Even a little acknowledgment is a lot in the big picture. When others don’t reach out to you, let alone ask how you’re doing, it’s time evaluate or decide to move on from them or give distance. Sorry, but why put yourself through being with a friend or S/O (or anyone for that matter) if they don’t give you the time of day to acknowledge your presence and want you both to express it? A simple text, a call, or a face-to-face meet-up can do a lot—even an acknowledgment.

I struggle in lots of aspects myself. There’s no perfection and I’m glad. Whosoever claims there is perfection or one is perfect (other than God) they’re lying. Though, with time, things will look up. I promise. Whatever struggle you’re going through, know it’s valid and it gets the best of us sometimes. We need to go through it, not around it, and never cower to it. We are strong. You are strong. Let it motivate you to keep going, it’s normal, and embrace it happens. We forget or do not learn to accept our struggles, and we aren’t compassionate enough with ourselves to realize we aren’t a failure when we go through struggles. We only fail when we stay down. Get back up whenever you fall, and rise! You can do this! I believe in you.

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