Take the leap

Did you know it is 9/10 that we are the ones who hold ourselves back? We don’t let ourselves follow through with what we’ve said, do the thing, allow ourselves to go through trial and error, or practice. We can end up eventually believing in our limitations of ourselves. Similarly, there was a time I was compiling a short documentary film together from start to finish, editing everything together, etc. There were some instances during production and postproduction if I hadn’t “leaped” I wouldn’t have been able to learn how to push or made the heart of the film into a work of passion, and an A+ project. If I didn’t allow myself to be uncomfortable with the fast-paced work, held myself back, let go of overthinking, reassure to myself that I can do it. Or worst yet, subject myself to self-limiting negative beliefs bleed out into my work to determine the outcome of the heart of the film. It wouldn’t have been good. I stood consistently in motivation, discipline, and I pushed.

Moreover, when we hold ourselves back, we’re inviting procrastination and hesitations into anything we are doing or wanting to do at that moment. Procrastination is something that can transform what you’re trying to accomplish and replaces it with an excuse for you as to why “it” can’t be done now, or at least started now. Pinpoint the signs of when this does happen. Accountability is key. I took accountability for when I was tired, hesitating, and some of the work I was doing wasn’t the greatest. So, I rested. Knowing those limits is key too. Especially with what you planned to do something, a goal to reach, but there is an excuse why this or that isn’t reached or done because you’re tired, it’s too hard right now, “I can’t do it,” I need to do this but you don’t. How about you just do it? You’re putting that thing off. Do the thing! Motivation is only flapping your gums unless you take it for real and have discipline and do it. Even if you start in small increments of 3 minutes or more at a time, you’re still allowing yourself to combat procrastination. Honestly, being relaxed, breathing deep, clearing your mind is a big thing when it comes to pushing. Of course, no need to push yourself too hard.

In conclusion, what would happen if you took that leap? What if you become braver and did what you needed to do even if you convinced yourself it was intimidating? What if you believed you can do it? What if you just did it and knew it wasn’t that bad at all? DO it anyway. Or what if you stopped worrying about the “what ifs”? Another thing that can help is having a positive mindset that regards to you can do this “thing” without overthinking. Make overthinking a thing of the past and start doing it. Whatever it is, just do it, you’ve got this. There is nothing wrong with self-talk! We are honing in that we can make things in this moment possible for ourselves if we believe we can do it. With this in mind, we will be able to transform our faith in believing into confidence to let go of procrastination, fears, preconceived thoughts, and notions to be stronger than what’s trying to make us feel like we “can’t.” Erase the “I can’t do it…” and replace it with “I can do it.” Start saying that to yourself until you believe it.

(Photo by Kevin Malik on pexels.com).

Take the leap


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