Learn to call on the Lord

I will go right into it. We NEED to start calling the name Jesus when the pain is too much. The depression becomes debilitating; anxiety starts to overcome us, the news we received isn’t good, the work called and said we don’t need you anymore. The spirit of fear is trying to cripple you, not even to let you walk out your door, and everything’s a muck. All of what’s going on isn’t explainable. The freezer went out. You’re stricken with uncertainty (which happened with me about a month or so ago, but God came through and blessed me graciously in two days where it would’ve been a long wait), or simply it’s a bad day in general. We have to remember He is GOD. That alone runs chills through me and trembles me to the core. We need to understand to endure what we go through in the steps we walk in with our Lord.

When we face a predicament or a lost feeling, we can’t get all the pieces to fit as they should. That is to say. Our self-esteem can be strained from all of the issues circling us, making us feel insecure. Under those circumstances, we hold a burden that’s as heavy as iron, rock hard like diamonds, and crumbles like fine sand. We think, “I feel like a real burden to someone,” “I’m just another burden for someone to worry about,” “How can I lift this off myself this time?” On the negative side, we can’t. It is not possible all the time. On the positive side, it is possible for Jesus. The power of Jesus makes mountains move, and hell tremble. What’s powerful is the name Jesus Christ, and we must open our ears and attune ourselves to the Lord’s instruction, goodwill, and plan for us. We must have faith in His strength to understand the goodness He has to supply to us in a dire or inevitable time whenever something problematic is before us. He takes the burden from us and all who weep a sad song from our woes.

“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” Psalm 46:10 (NKJV).

“Give your burdens to the LORD, and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall” Psalm 55:22 (NLT).

We will have “friends” that stop replying, stuff that happens at work, in our daily lives, or a fellow believer hurt our feelings. Whatever it is, you’re not able to grasp something to avoid a fall. You feel like an unheard, misunderstood, mixed-up “someone” to someone; I hope no one thinks that of you or you think you are. You aren’t any of those. Jesus is here and ready for you always. Most times, what makes you feel unheard is the lack of reciprocation one gives you. Whatever you said, they don’t appreciate giving that person advice, encouragement, or an outlook of the right way.

Moreover, countless times that happened, and still, it’s happening! I look at it like this, when that all happens to me from time to time. I talk to God or read some scripture(s) to see if the Spirit can point out something to me that caused that to happen. Or if it’s because that person is just immature and a waste of time. Not to sound so blunt, it’s the truth. People can be immature, and of course, don’t take it out of context; we all have maturing to do in the Lord, but I digress. It’s not wise to stick around someone, even a believer, that starts cannonballing your standards where it can hurt, and you feel like you have to stay.

Stay grounded in the Lord, and let your faith remain firm. That even when things arise or let alone people, cannot affect you. It’s hard to live like this, but it is worth adjusting. Even our friends, people who are in the church you know well, can hurt your feelings. However, don’t let it consume you. It is unlikely they have meant it. Allow yourself to forgive, bring forth mercy upon them, love, be kind, and see what you can do to bless them with good words and intentions. We are all on the path for sanctification, which is hard to walk on most times. And so be it, genuine love seeks harmony.

(Image by Alexander Daoud from Pexels).

Learn to call on the Lord


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