Consistency shouldn’t be over the top

Food for thought. Consistency is one of the keys that helps us get to succeeding at something. And to keep going. Procrastination is what can kill your drive and pretty much anything if you allow it. Consistency is in many forms of life. Motivation is only enough to get you started, but the motivation needs to be consistent. Once it is, you can transform it into discipline to keep going. That is when discipline and habit become a thing. Motivation should still be a routine. Procrastination bogs down your mind and creates a mental block that can most times be difficult to get out of. Similar to a “rut.”

Many times people start on something, per se. They go overboard and then quit because they see their hard work isn’t producing. They put their all in and think it’s too hard and get burnt out. They become passive. They didn’t build enough motion to be consistent or stay attentive to structuring something. Show yourself that this is what you want and do it.

Moreover, when one believes they can’t do something that becomes in itself a mental block. Also, if it’s something you want to do, just do it. Why wait or wait till tomorrow or next week when you can do it now.

With that in mind, practicing being consistent and not giving up on something will transform into many great things. Procrastination is common among many, and sometimes me as well. But it poses a threat to our thought process if not dealt with. Though, you can help alleviate that by believing and telling yourself motivational phrases out loud when you start to think, “I can’t do this.” There isn’t anything wrong with that. You are simply reassuring that you are strong and you can do “this.” 

Instead of having the perception of ‘doing this later,’ or ‘tomorrow for sure.’ Do it now. Cut the excuses you have. Believe that you got this. You are capable of anything, even if you are new to it. Experiment, live and be yourself.

Consider this:

  • Believe in yourself that you can do this
  • Just go for it
  • I know I can do this
  • Do it anyways even if you aren’t good at it
  • Do it even if you are hesitating
  • You can do hard things

I can write out more, but you can also consider writing whatever makes you feel motivated or helps you.

Small things add up to significant results when consistency is at the forefront. And you have a positive outlook on your life.

I hope this helps you!

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Consistency shouldn’t be over the top


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