He rose and made death a fool

“It is finished.” Jesus Christ had established while on that cross, you cannot get to the Father without Him. Satan and the power of sin can’t overrule the world any longer as Jesus died for our sins, and the end was written. We’ve been saved, at last. Our sins, shame, and wrongdoings had been cleaned. The people of the world thought differently. They believed they were doing everyone a solid. He committed a crime, and the punishment is death on a cross. And so they thought He committed it, He was accused!

We signify and worship Jesus, our Lord, and Savior for paying our debt on the cross. Something we’d never be able to pay or give back to our Father in Heaven. His Son had done it for us. God deserves praise for His act of extraordinary grace and goodness to us.

Funny thing, the world thought Jesus was the fool and was mistreated—hung Him and made Him suffer for the accused crime. They ultimately tortured, beat, cut open, whipped, and hung on the cross till His last breath. Satan couldn’t stand Jesus and anything He was doing. Satan and the rebellion of humankind threw mud upon God. Those people thought Jesus was going to change everything, but He was here to take away the sin of man. They couldn’t stand His goodness or compassion for humanity. The people wanted change, and it wasn’t the change that He would give them, so they figured out a way to get rid of Him.

So Jesus finally died on the cross, but the bondage of death couldn’t hold our Lord. Those chains were broken, and He conquered death. That grave was empty!

Jesus gave up His life upon that cross to ensure us better, and for all who believe in Him and leave their sinful life to die shall have eternal life, be saved by the grace of God, be made right in the eyes of God, and be marked by His blood. The world and their rebellion thought as though they finally got justice, but they really didn’t. Jesus rose from that grave. He rose high and glorified. Resurrected. The will of the tomb had no chance. Hallelujah, the King is Alive!

Our King Jesus Has Risen!

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