We portray ourselves to others in the world will be based upon the reflection of our true selves. Good will come from good. Hate will come from hate. There is no two-way street, rather a narrow road to Heaven and a broad road to hell. One way to Heaven and multiple ways to hell. You can’t have one foot in the other and be for good but also have the mind of the troublemaker. Either we are honest or good, or we can slip into being wicked and demoralized.

Compassion, when you think of compassion, what does that mean to you? Or look like? Even sound like? Compassion isn’t someone doing something nice only to do something nice, or because of their age. Compassion is showing and giving it out to anyone and everyone wherever you are. Despite what they look like, are, or deem to be. Even if they’re an enemy, that doesn’t mean you still have to have them in your life. Compassion has no role or engine to run from without love.

Without compassion, you won’t have love; without love, there is no meaning. Without God’s love, He wouldn’t have loved us so much that He gave His only Son to us so we can be saved. People of such will lose their touch with humanity. They allow the enemy to infiltrate and live in their minds. So you better know when to think about something quickly. No compassion means your love is on edge too, and your mind will decide for you and show you that they aren’t worth your presence. And an adverse effect will be there every time you see them, up until the seed of wickedness grows of not wanting anything to do with persons, and it decays you slowly.

We can’t function in the world without compassion, or we’d all be like what the enemy wants us to be like: spiteful, corrupted, greedy, and selfish. Pretty much destroyed. Here is something for you to think about, “Satan continues his efforts to make sin less offensive, heaven less appealing, hell less horrific, and the Gospel less urgent.” —John MacArthur. Having compassion isn’t an on or off switch; it’s an everyday thing. “You must be compassionate, just as your Father is compassionate” Luke 6:36 (NLT).

The point is, for one to not care how someone is or what the world is doing is concerning. Of course, we can do so much to fix things, but a lot of it, we must leave it to God. You need to care, psychologically and spiritually, and need to have love and compassion for the world just as Jesus did. That doesn’t mean you need to keep what’s not good for you or keep someone in your life that isn’t worth it.

There are many forms of compassion, the one type of understanding that is the king of them all is compassion that isn’t forced nor because people are around, but all the time naturally. Genuinely even if you feel drained, you still have that spark or have been burned by another—as that happened to the majority of us, I assume. If you can always go forth your loving side after everything, your compassion is legit and not rehearsed.

As I’ve gone through, and presumably the many of you had gone through. Someone in your family, even a friend, has so much compassion that they’ve even gone into the medical or children’s field of teaching or pediatrician, etc. Then acquire such disdain, spite, venom, and full-fledged hatred amongst your friend and family means to me your compassion and love are of the evil one. They put on a facade and are selected based upon who you think deserves their compassion. But everyone deserves compassion, not a select few. God didn’t give us Jesus, who then died on the cross but rose again for just some people. He had Jesus die on the cross for all. He loved the whole world so much that by giving His Son, we can experience real love and compassion and be saved as God is the God of love.

(image by Engin Akyurt from Pexels).

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