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So it’s a new month + new you, and it’s Fall! But this month and not only this month would be a great time to incorporate a mindset of thankfulness and taking some time for the next few weeks developing a plan or a goal to minimize your online and social media usage. Set a goal to be online or on social media an hour every other day or I would suggest no longer than once a week at most. Of course, you still want to be online, so it is best to exclude studying, school, friends/family, and the important things online entail in your plan.

Really focus on what things you know will trigger you or creates an emotion for you while being online and take measures into what you can do next time you’re taking a break to avoid being so affected. I do that sometimes as well. It’s useful. It can be uncomfortable at times, but you need to express and show yourself to yourself what you’re feeling to understand. It helps to write it out and read it aloud to yourself. Embrace the uncomfortable.

Implement things you want to do for self-care, as we should. The first thing you want not to do is don’t misconstrue others’ conceptions about that, meaning, allowing one’s thoughts and demeanors intrude on your form of self-care or quiet space—don’t let the things of someone else’s negative baggage hinder the self-care your being needs. In other words, don’t let someone try and stigmatize your form of self-care and have you believing it’s not “right.” The ones who are against it have never experienced loving themselves to love others the right way. With whatever season you’re in, embrace it, transform yourself into something called the best version of ourselves.

Take your time to write, read, draw, listen to music, set goals, study alone, plan, relax, drink enough water, practice deep breathing with audible exhales, take naps, or take walks, or whatever you do. Do things that are productive but also help you too.

There are times where things can be very overwhelming when thinking about social media or being on it really. Most likely sooner than later according to what’s been going on and what will happen in the coming days. I can tell you it almost gives you an anxious feeling wanting to be on social media. But that can go away once you take breaks, embrace what you’re feeling, and understand it.

Understand you are worthy, loved, and will have compassion for your mental health to understand you have better things to do other than spending too much time on social media. You will find your strength in overcoming that, perhaps pinpoint whatever else makes you anxious in general, and allocate time for yourself to overcome being so affected and too involved. It’s okay to take a step back.

I also suggest it beneficial to clean your phone out, your apps, your mind, computer files, your room, and even your social media while not letting what people are saying or doing affect you. Here’s some food for thought, let the world do what the world’s going to do. You don’t need validation so, how about you own your voice and feelings since they count too. Cleaning many things will make you feel good, promise me. I do it all the time. So take courage and enjoy every minute of it.

You can do it!

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