You have nothing to prove to anyone

When there is a time where you are so badly trying to get your side/point across, but you decide to be content in the matter of accepting the fact you don’t need to prove yourself. Likewise, your view of something that won’t get to see the day of light because you don’t need to prove yourself—takes wisdom, strength, tenacity, and courage. Remember, you don’t have to prove anything to anybody, not because it will, in most cases, end up being twisted as you aren’t right because of this and that, and they are because they are. If you know what’s right in your heart, you have nothing to fret over.

My point is if you’re stuck in this dilemma of trying to prove yourself to others, as if they won’t take it, quit doing that. When you’re in that dilemma, think about how you should prove yourself to God more than these other people. You have worth and meaning. You are enough! Well worth enough to not prove it to others because they won’t believe it if no one can see it. As today’s world has accustomed that attribute. To believe only if they can see.

I’ve seen others trying to prove, explain, and show themselves to other people, which gets both parties worked up. Plus, I’ve even had people come to me about all of this and question their worth—and wonder why this ended up this way. I’m not sure why, as things happen. Personally, I stopped proving myself to others long ago and prove myself to God and myself, and acknowledged my worth in Him. My advice is to know you are worth it, you are enough, and you are your own character in which you don’t have to prove or seek to anyone else but God. All as a form of self-care and compassion.


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