Corruption is toxic in all forms

We need to be afraid of any democratic/liberal being elected. Those policies and laws are awful and wouldn’t ever work, but it shall work to ruin America for the generations to come. They aren’t equal nor fair but corrupted and unruly. Take a look around at any democratic run state and big cities, and you’ll see what real disaster is. It is as though Satan has brought gifts from hell to those states. Of course, many had written significant and profound books about the topic of democrats. But I’m getting here that people in the office and the courts are democratic puppeteers that hold strings. They want to take literally everything you have, even in assets, and redistribute it to some who are illegal immigrants and things that are useless. I like to share the truth about how it is.

The immense amount of corruption by politicians who thought this would be a success, for Biden being on the left, only showed how much of a liar, sneaky, and deceiving person this man and the left can be. In brief, the laptop with all of the data that talks about deals with China and many other things that negate righteousness that is purely constructs of evil doings. Give me a break if there’s such thing as “he’s an older man,” “he just wasn’t aware,” or “his mind is not fully there” in reality, he was, and all of the left was too. Their agenda was and is for total control with major corruption. Their veil will be removed as that’s coming into effect quicker than they can spit.

We don’t need to turn this flourishing America into a third-world country or “learn from China and be like China” or “we owe them;” (regarding other countries). We don’t owe anyone a thing, but our tithe, praise, and worship to our Lord. The goodness of America is the goodness of God, and by Him, lavishly giving our great nation what we need, to be the biggest and the leader of many great things, through Him, we will succeed and have victory. The sovereignty of God is the craftsmanship of America, and all the moral human values of living a free successful life with our right to bear arms and enforce law and order are just what we need. Before one thinks I’m unfair, I’m sure there are good people in China. But then there are not good people living there making leadership policies.

It makes you think that there is so much more money flowing in that hasn’t been uncovered. It makes you think the profit of things concerns only the ones choosing to launder. There are intent and motion behind smearing our President and the great people of America. And how? By exactly implementing a control structure, states and cities will abide by their imposed control laws. That, it’s their imposed will to us to live and follow the law or die. It’s either “live free or die” – (Sean Hannity). All who are for the democrats suffer at the end, likewise all of the Dems who believe in following socialism or making it a real thing as we will find sooner or later that there has been rigging.

As we move on into the future, and hopefully, things pan out to become more civil. I hope this election will open the eyes of many who need to know the nightmares of socialism and its true meanings—lastly, spiritual warfare conflicts and nourishes the wrongly powered ones who want it all. For it is us that needs to know that God’s justice shall and will forever prevail. “But let justice run down like water, And righteousness like a mighty stream” Amos 5:24 (NKJV).

(featured image by Sang Hyun Cho from Pixabay).

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