The big final debate

The second Presidental debate was held on Oct 22, 2020, was just what we needed to hear. Many aren’t aware that Joe Biden hung himself legally, trying to pawn his wrongdoing on Trump. Joe had nothing else better to say but to mention the typical discussion to, in most cases, win the hearts of the topic loving people that incorporate family sitting around the table or won’t have enough funds for this or that and pull the family card. Of course, it is the most obvious thing we care for our families. There was no need for extra airtime to be wasted about ensuring the American people reach for their hankies over one of “Uncle Joe’s” stories.

If the dems and Biden get into office, we as God, country, and hardworking American people will have no choice but sacrifice our independence. The left is far more concerned about talking about winning this or that, but struggle to have options that will be able to work out because their ways simply DON’T work out. They keep trying to reassure us that their plans will work; they have it all together ready to go but freeze at the question directed towards them about it all. Let us hope that the powers of God prevail so that we can have freedom and not be infiltrated by socialism and the dark forces of their teams. We would be back at the goosestep of WW2 as the left wants nothing to do with us; it’s all their social dominating, demanding, and socialistic control that will bind us to the limits of not living freely and independently in a Capitalistic society.

The way Satan has come about internally to the Biden family with filth, greed, lies, deceit, and corruption. Satan has been doing methodical and articulate strategies to impose that amongst them all. And we, the American people, are just supposed to deem it as a mistake, or a “wasn’t aware of it?” They all knew. But it is for the media that kept them looking good as that’s what they’re meant to do when you love the world. That would be rather unbecoming of us, to say the least. We cannot tolerate such vile action and demonic laden behavior. Blaming is lame. Biden hasn’t done his part. He claims he has or is. But I will tell you if you don’t do your part, you can’t blame other people. If you aren’t doing your part, you can’t blame God either.

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” Galatians 6:7 (KJV).

(image from LA Times).

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