In a matter of months, so much can change

January of this year 2020, a lot has changed, and of course, even more since this COVID from hell, too. But I want to talk about how over-sexualized everything has become; I’m aware that this had been occurring before this year—more in the last years, I’m pointing out just the beginning of the year and currently. It’s even more. You can’t even turn Netflix on, let alone your Twitter or Instagram, and not come across something deeming sexual or suggests sexual content. The portrayals, acting, scripts, and stories about this stuff, don’t realize the powerfulness it presents. Not the powerfulness with storytelling, but between desires and addictions that will transpire you into a spiral you can’t control, then it becomes normalcy in your life. And you lose the discernment of if that’s an ok thing to do.

I concern myself with this because you can expose yourself or be exposed to something of this nature, and it can really be a detriment to your mental health and moral integrity. Sure, sex can be fun, pleasuring, and yearning as God intended that to be so, but with our spouses, after we’re married under Him. So that we can enter the marriage bed, be there for the other in love, and enjoy sex in unity with our spouse, all while having it be undefiled and pure, and glorifying God. Not many think of that or want that because they have to wait, and waiting is already a laborious thing we have to do to get to something exciting or the next page.

When things are rushed because you want to fulfill that craving from seeing over-sexualized events or presentations, things don’t ever go well. And likewise, when you give in. I will briefly touch on this part where the devil loves to rush. He really does; if you’ve overlooked or not taken that to heart after you’ve felt rushed in life from a relationship, for example, even other things, don’t ignore it next time. Just wait. By rushing, a mess will ensue, but waiting takes on the course to success and beauty. A lot of times, God will let you see the mess that would’ve happened if you didn’t trust Him and backed away. Just to show you what He has in store is better, more unique, and timed just right than the devil’s rushing mess of a train. Thank God He may allow you to have your heart to be reserved for the right time. Because God’s timing is all around profound and perfect. Don’t doubt it.

Of course, we’ll endure times of temptations, who wouldn’t. Jesus did. But that doesn’t mean we should pounce on it either. In fact, try your hardest to think about how much more rewarding it would feel once you think about something different, and not indulge. Force yourself to consider something else than what’s tempting you, or you’re going to give in. It’s a learning process that requires waiting. With patience comes the power to wait. Waiting is a grueling thing that God wants us to do, but it’s always worth the wait.

(featured image by Wictor Cardoso from Pexels).

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